Using an agency can be beneficial for several reasons. We typically work with candidates that are "passively looking" which you will have difficulty reaching through newspaper ads and internet job postings. We also phone screen, interview, and check references of all applicants so that you receive only "on target" prospects. This will ultimately save you both time and $$. In addition, the fees for our services are a tax write-off for your company.

Solution Staffing offers 2 types of searches:

Contingency search - You give us the job description along with the key details and we will source the most qualified applicants for your job opening. Reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates is 100% free. Under this arrangement, there are no costs incurred by the employer, unless we deliver a candidate that you are comfortable hiring!

Retained search: A retained search is often used if you have an urgent need to be filled or if you need to fill multiple positions. Under this agreement the employer will pay an up front fee. In return, we will assign a team of recruiters that are dedicated solely to meeting your needs in the time period that you specify.

Please call us (267-222-8760) to discuss your current needs or email us. An experienced recruiter will contact you within 24 hours.